Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank you Decomposer, and now a word from Producer...

Decomposer took the trouble to set up this blog and post the first four posts.  I'm not sure I should say thank you.  I had so many other things on which to embark today, other than a new blog...

All of life is at some point soaking in the sun's glow as a producer, delighting in the fruits as a consumer, or mucking around the debris as a decomposer.  Somehow mucking in the muck provides nourishment to all.  Somehow the Earth is cleansed through this analysis and exposure.  Every bone will be picked sooner or later.  [A moment of thanks, and a moment of near-silence to listen to and honor the quiet, incessant chewing of Earth's decomposers...]

And so, a producer can take root.  The snow falling outside is too exquisite to resist.  I will soon be frolicking in it if I could just capture some light, transfix it into a post, post it, and walk away.  From the light, I yearn to build something solid for your consumption, dear reader!   Let me wait a mere 8 minutes for the freshest sunlight for you...

Okay--here it is:  Cliche.


My gift to you as you cross the threshold into 2015 is... cliche.  I have yet to find a way to avoid it.  There is nothing I have to offer that has not already been offered somewhere in the blogosphere.  All my ideas are likely some reconfiguration of what already exists somewhere.  Maybe the closest I can come to producing something new is to put my own chirality, my own twist, on the molecules from dear Decomposer.  I still make sugar.  I still make chlorophyl.  I still live on sunlight and carbon dioxide.  I still speak some version of legos, not knowing how to build anything but legos onto each little cylindrical stub.  Knowing no other alphabet than this one you see before you, I build words you've seen countless times before.  

How do I say something new?  Especially without the aid of body language or tone... (and I'm woefully reliant on body language and tone for laughs and charm)

Thank you for each an every exhale, dear reader.  Thank you for every atom of your carbon footprint, for every unnecessary spin in your SUV or low-milage mini-cooper.  I suddenly feel awash in abundance.  I can tell that there shall be no shortage of carbon, sunshine, time or space.  Nothing to do here but grow...

PS  Don't be snubbed by Decomposer's grit and cynicism.  The acidity varies from post to (com)post.


Go do something in the real world.

Cynicism has taken you over.  Go to real life.  Go now!  Leave this blog now!  Let any advertisers know that you are GONE!

Who knows when I'll be back, maybe when I'm fed up with sun and fresh air and all that bother.

Write something nice

Be nice.

Write nice things that people will like to read.  Make them feel good.  Be real.  Make them feel satisfied, make them want to come back for more.

Expound upon the contradictions.  Find that an entire day has gone by and you are exactly  where you started, nothing checked off the to-do list.

BTW, I do not want to know what "be nice" means, so please do not comment, and there might be a give away.

(By a miracle of blog, you win only when it's something you don't want.)


Whether to post

To Post or Not to Post...

It's a silence punctuated by keystrokes, heard in solitude.  

It's a way to connect without ever clearing your throat or taking off your pajamas (or putting them on). 

It's a venue where lines blur between reading and lurking and completely ignoring and utter oblivion.  

No one knows the difference or indifference.  It's just like a teenage girl's diary--someone might actually read it!  And maybe no one ever will!  (Which eventuality would disturb her precarious social ecosystem more?)  What difference does it make whether that someone is her psycho brother or some psycho next door or around the world!?  

Maybe she will be "discovered" along with 250 million other bloggers.  By whom?  I think bloggers like to discover each other and link to each other.  Something substantial occurs.  It's indescribable...

So muster up some courage, tame it down with some humility, and re-write everything with humor... (is anything really funny in print, by yourself, in your pajamas, following some formula or avoiding another?)

To post or not to post... maybe it will make no difference.  Existentially rich and empty all at once...

If one hand blogs in the woods and no one reads the post... please go meditate on that not in the woods, but in the soft whine of the computer in front of you.

Naming a blog

How to name your new blog, a formulaic approach:

[article] [adjective] [noun]

Examples:  The Cute Puppy, The Funky Clothespin

Try and try again until you find one that hasn't been taken.  You are sure to land on something unique, yet formulaic.  This is just right if you like to feel like you're outside the box, yet still need a box to be outside of.

Also try [possessive adjective] [noun]

Examples: My House, Oprah's Cupboard

Ethnic flair sprinkled in for slightly more unique effect: Mi Casa, El Cuaderno Irritado*

*Note that this involves some formula creativity, as Spanish grammar with adjectives is deliciously different from the English formula!

There!  Now you can make your mark among over 250 million other bloggers!