Friday, December 26, 2014

Whether to post

To Post or Not to Post...

It's a silence punctuated by keystrokes, heard in solitude.  

It's a way to connect without ever clearing your throat or taking off your pajamas (or putting them on). 

It's a venue where lines blur between reading and lurking and completely ignoring and utter oblivion.  

No one knows the difference or indifference.  It's just like a teenage girl's diary--someone might actually read it!  And maybe no one ever will!  (Which eventuality would disturb her precarious social ecosystem more?)  What difference does it make whether that someone is her psycho brother or some psycho next door or around the world!?  

Maybe she will be "discovered" along with 250 million other bloggers.  By whom?  I think bloggers like to discover each other and link to each other.  Something substantial occurs.  It's indescribable...

So muster up some courage, tame it down with some humility, and re-write everything with humor... (is anything really funny in print, by yourself, in your pajamas, following some formula or avoiding another?)

To post or not to post... maybe it will make no difference.  Existentially rich and empty all at once...

If one hand blogs in the woods and no one reads the post... please go meditate on that not in the woods, but in the soft whine of the computer in front of you.

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