Friday, December 26, 2014

Naming a blog

How to name your new blog, a formulaic approach:

[article] [adjective] [noun]

Examples:  The Cute Puppy, The Funky Clothespin

Try and try again until you find one that hasn't been taken.  You are sure to land on something unique, yet formulaic.  This is just right if you like to feel like you're outside the box, yet still need a box to be outside of.

Also try [possessive adjective] [noun]

Examples: My House, Oprah's Cupboard

Ethnic flair sprinkled in for slightly more unique effect: Mi Casa, El Cuaderno Irritado*

*Note that this involves some formula creativity, as Spanish grammar with adjectives is deliciously different from the English formula!

There!  Now you can make your mark among over 250 million other bloggers!


  1. Thanks, Decomposer! I've spent all day crafting the coolest blog name ever!

    1. You're welcome. I notice that you didn't tell me the coolest blog name ever, and I'm so relieved.